Each post press system has its own unique layout to meet different requirements in terms of production type, workflow, plant logistics and available space. A well-designed configuration can make all the difference in terms of efficiency and ease of operation. Our complete range of floor and overhead conveyors gives us the tools to design and build the configuration that best meets your needs. Our unique “spiral”, “S”, and “C” conveyors allow us to safely move the shingled stream in reduced space. If the post-press area is not directly behind the press, our overhead conveyors close the gap between the folder delivery and the postpress area, freeing up floor space. Flow turns and bump turns redirect products behind single delivery presses and in trimming lines. Waste gate, stream aligner and squeeze roller ensure that only good copies, well aligned and flattened, are processed in the post press area.


Floor conveyors


Spiral, “S” & “C” Conveyors

Overhead conveyors


Stream separators

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Stream aligners


Squeeze rollers


Waste gates


Bump turns


Bump turn / flow turn combinations