Service & Support

We want happy customers, and your satisfaction is key to that. Your machine is stopped and you need urgent troubleshooting? You have a technical question or need a specific information or parameter? You want to verify the best setup or maintenance procedure? You are investigating possible upgrades for a specific machine or want to discuss a rolling refurbishment plan? Our dedicated Service & Support can help you with all of these questions, either on-site or remotely.
In addition, real-time diagnostics, software updates and new program features can be handled through our remote maintenance platform.

24/7 Hotline

You have an urgent problem outside of our business hours? With our 24/7 hotline (additional fees apply) you have access to our technical support at any time. Level 1 telephone support will attempt to understand and resolve the problem. In case of a more complex problem, our Level 2 support will contact you and, if necessary, connect directly to the equipment via remote access.

Maintenance & Reconditioning

Efficient maintenance improves productivity and minimizes downtime. Our preventive maintenance program ranges from simple machine maintenance to a rolling maintenance plan for complete systems. Prior to maintenance, we audit the machine to determine the parts and time needed to perform the maintenance. Enrolling in one of our maintenance plans has several advantages – you never miss a maintenance appointment, the necessary resources are available on the scheduled date, and you qualify for a discount on the necessary parts.

Relocation of machines and systems

Consolidation, the result of a still-shrinking market, is aimed at improving productivity by concentrating production capacity and optimizing operations and workflow. Therefore, relocations are often combined with a reconfiguration of the postpress system. It may also include an overhaul and/or upgrade of equipment. Count on us for an efficient postpress relocation. Our services include:

  • Planning, project management and execution
  • Audit of existing equipment
  • Professional disassembly and documentation of the equipment or system
  • Transfer to new location or to factory for overhaul and modification
  • Cleaning, refurbishing, upgrading of equipment prior to installation
  • Control system modification and/or upgrade (hardware & software)
  • Assembly, commissioning and production support at the new location

Retrofits and upgrades

New features, mechanical and electrical improvements, control upgrades – making our machines better is part of the product lifecycle. Take advantage of these new technologies and upgrade your machines to extend life, increase productivity and reduce downtime. It may be a good idea to combine such an upgrade with a rebuild at our factory. Our upgrade services include:

  • Mechanical and electrical equipment optimization
  • Electrical and electronic component upgrades
  • Software upgrade of PLCs, control systems, robots, etc.
  • Expansion of existing machines or equipment

Training – for operator & maintenance

Keeping your knowledge of operating and maintenance procedures up to date means less downtime, faster troubleshooting, and better machine operation. Our training plans focus on just that – increased productivity through professional operator and maintenance training. Plants with high operator turnover benefit from well-trained operators and maintenance personnel.