Planning & Design

Our company is characterised by creative layout design using customer-specific solutions, which are optimally adapted to the available space and production requirements.

Every project starts out with a detailed analysis of the customer’s needs. Modular standard components help us create bespoke solutions for the customer. Every project is accompanied by a project manager from installation to final acceptance, which simplifies the entire process for the customer without any worries.

The core competence of our engineering is in the development of machines and conveyor systems for post-press systems in printing plants and bookbinderies, as well as in finding optimal solutions for their mailroom logistics.

Mechanical and electrical development and design go from prototype construction all the way to series production.

Close cooperation with our customers leads to customised solutions and the creation of highly innovative full systems.
The customer and their needs remain at the focus from concept design to mechanical and electrical construction, to assembly and implementation.

Production & Assembly

The application area of our fitters goes from component assembly to series machine construction to prototype construction on our own test stations. In addition to mechanical assembly, we actively offer electrical assembly and control cabinet construction as a matter of course.

Plant Control

We provide software solutions that process production data from your central ERP system and make it available to the machine level.

The entire process flow of a post-press job is taken into account in order to execute it properly at the production level. Of course, corrective action on the production data is still possible in production.

Order Management
Palletising Systems

This software is an integrated solution for order planning and management of our palletising systems. It dynamically links your ERP system to our automated palletising systems.

All data and information required for the production process are processed and provided here. If data cannot be collected from an upstream ERP system, the production data are created and managed in our system and fed into the production process.

The production process is executed by our dedicated control unit.

A number of layer composite versions are offered to increase the stability. Optimisation methods are available even for complex packaging shapes. It is also possible to display various pallet fuses.

Examples include intermediate layers, cover pallets and frames, edge protectors, and strapping. Considerable cost reduction potentials can be used, in particular in the development of new packaging, by consistently matching the pallet storage space.