Planning & Solution Design

Our goal is to create a reliable and innovative solution that best fits your needs in terms of workflow, production goals, available space and budget. All our installations are the result of an open and intensive collaboration between our customers and our project team. We listen to understand, look at the pros and cons, evaluate different scenarios, discuss and rank the best alternatives, and finalize the result in a final layout with a comprehensive description. Communication and project management are essential, especially in more complex projects. At In-Log | Gämmerler every project is assigned to a project manager. He will manage the project from the pre-sales phase to final acceptance and after-sales support.
As part of the Merten Group, we benefit directly from the resources and core competencies of this strong group. We combine parts manufacturing, engineering and machine building with over 40 years of postpress experience. This technically strong and very stable set-up puts us in a unique position to design, implement and support your postpress project. It also gives us an edge on those projects that involve relocations, reconfigurations and refurbished machines. Our mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and software knowledge and experience is deep and extensive, making us the perfect partner for all those projects where engineering is key.

Are you looking for a new machine or a complete system? Are you planning to add automation to increase productivity? You are consolidating your operations and need to relocate and optimize your press deliveries? You need a rebuild plan to extend the life of your existing equipment? Talk to us about your next post press project – together we can find and implement a reliable and efficient solution.

Production & Assembly

At the Merten Group, we combine three areas under one roof that complement each other.

  • Our parts manufacturing produces high-precision parts and we take advantage of this vertical integration.
  • Our mechanical engineering department designs and builds prototypes and assembles components. They are a great resource when we need special solutions.
  • The In-Log | Gämmerler team creates postpress solutions – from stand-alone machines to complete systems. We control all stages from sourcing to manufacturing and assembly. In addition, all our machines and lines undergo a pre-acceptance procedure in our factory. With quality built in, we can significantly reduce on-site installation and commissioning time.
Controls for complete systems

Our complete systems are all equipped with intelligent control software. We connect the PLCs of all machines to allow central control and visualization of the line and all connected machines. Start and Stop, speed synchronization, waste and good production, blanket washing and splicer waste – all these events are triggered by the web press and the post Press software triggers all necessary action in the postpress line.
Optionally, our machines can also be equipped with automatic make ready. If so, the software will down-load the saved settings for the new order and the equipment is electrically set to the new product sizes.

In addition, we can provide an advanced interface to your web press to automatically stop the press when the run length is reached. The postpress uploads the produced good copies in real-time and at a defined number of remaining copies we trigger the press shutdown – eliminating overruns and underruns.

Order Management System

Software is an important part of all our solutions, starting with the PLCs in each machine, including the software that controls a complex conveyor system, to the software for the robots.

Going one step further, we can connect to your ERP system to exchange production data (run length, sizes, patterns,…). This intelligent Order Management Software receives all relevant palletizing information from your ERP system (dynamically, through hot folders, through triggered downloads,…) and then executes the palletizing according to the rules set in the production planning. This includes the sequence of the pallets, but also the specific pallet information such as bundles per layer and per pallet, slip sheets, destinations,…