First Robot Palletizing Solution at Slovenská Grafia

First Robot Palletizing Solution at Slovenská Grafia The Slovak large scale printer Slovenská Grafia a.s., based in Bratislava, has invested in a palletizing robot from Merten/IN-LOG. This palletizing robot solution is placed behind a KBA Compacta. In additon to the robot palletizing solution, the project includes the buffer conveyor technology which is requred to combine…

TOP Specialists

TOP Specialists Achieving these objectives involves MERTEN TOP TRAINERS. However, it should not be underestimated that this must be coordinated and supported by a senior training commissioner. The symbiosis of down-to-earth craftmanship and the networked digital world doesn’t make it easier, of course. We  noted that our apprentices often have a better and, above all,…

IN-LOG is More Than a Reliable Partner to the European Printing Industry

Persönliche Sympathie und Wertschätzung ergeben häufig eine langanhaltende Partnerschaft, von der beide Beteiligten profitieren. Das zeigte sich zum Beispiel auch wieder in der Zusammenarbeit zwischen Fa. Merten und Fa. Wamatec, welche wir durch ein neues Projekt auch in Zukunft erfolgreich weiterführen können. So wurden zwei 6-Achs-CNC-Dreh/Fräsmaschinen mit automatischer Materialzuführung und abschließender Fertigteilentnahme bei dem Team von Herrn Ing. Hermann Hulak bestellt.

After 25 Years, The Last Cup of Coffee

It is always a matter of particular concern to the management to publically emphasize and honor long-term loyalty. With this short article we want to thank Mr. Thomas Marko for 25 years with our company. Above all, he distinguished himself by not only spoiling our customers with competence, honesty and reliability, but also by constantly ensuring an excellent working atmosphere internally.