ISO 9001

Quality management and production verifiability are an important part of our philosophy – and vital in order to be worthy of our customers’ trust.

Beyond this, we also meet all requirements from international standards. Merten introduced a QM system in accordance with ÖN EN ISO 9002 in 1992, converting it to the current ISO 9001 standard in 2005.

Merten guarantees consistent consideration of the quality criteria named in all internal processes. Continuous training of our employees and constant increase of efficiency in production, priority of fixed delivery dates, and compliance with all environment-related legal regulations all are qualities that help us make our customers happy in the long term. They are also just the right arguments to gain new customers.


We proudly wear our ISO14001 certificate. It proves that the dedicated work of our employees to achieve this international recognition has paid off. We haven’t become more environmentally friendly overnight, but we do try to keep the balance between business and the environment.

It is often hard to judge whether a thing is environmentally compatible or not. Complexity is only increased when starting to weigh environmental burdens against increasing globalisation that Merten aims to contribute to. However, just the fact that making the right choices is not easy is not going to stop us from continuing to strive to do the right thing.


ISO 45001:2018 is one of the most significant, internationally recognised, occupational health and safety management systems that helps organisations design a safe working environment from hazard identification to emergency preparedness.

  • The occupational health and safety management system ISO 45001:2018 is coordinated in our management system via an INTRANET platform to which all our employees have access.

Production in our company is secured by continuous control processes. Deviations can be detected and prevented at the machine already this way. Our production staff is supported by our dedicated control department, with a main focus on verifiable quality assurance. Upon request, we will consider your in-house inspection records as well.

This way, you can integrate the manufacturing process outsourced to us into your production chain for seamlessly traceable quality control.

Merten Quality Assurance
  • Test instructions for initial, intermediate, and final inspections
  • Systematic process monitoring
  • Availability and specific use of
    more than 2,400 measuring instruments in total
  • 3D measuring machines
  • Air-conditioned measuring space
  • Permanent monitoring of test equipment by double measuring system
  • Your internal quality provisions will be accessed via INTRANET
  • Preventive measures to avoid repeat errors

To meet your – i.e. also our – demands, we are optimising our technology standards to always comply with the state of the art.

The human factor is just as important. After all, we can only achieve sustainable product quality and precision if our versatile technical equipment is also operated by highly qualified and equally motivated personnel.

This is why we have been training apprentices in all our plants for decades and taken on skilled workers who bring experience to the company. We want to rely on the practice and routine conscientiousness of our older employees in handling complex tasks – as well as on the inspiration, learning ability and flexibility of the younger ones. This dynamic personnel development ensures constant joint further training and thus also permanent know-how development.


In the constant flow of customer requirements and legal changes, Merten works tirelessly to optimize production processes. The focus here is on the digitalization and automation of production processes.

Merten always strives to work with the most modern and innovative machines in order to play a pioneering role in innovation.

Employees also play a crucial role in the process, and test protocols, certificates, 8-D reports and similar documents are continuously and systematically created and documented in accordance with industry standards.