Merten Maschinenbau offers conveyor technology, automation, and robotics adjusted to the customer’s needs. Our customers benefit from our complete systems.

We design production lines with integrated robotics, parts handling and stacking in transport systems.

Our Competences
  • Project management
  • Compilation of specifications
  • Software planning
  • PLC programming
  • Robotics programming
  • Planning and design of switchgear systems
  • Planning and design of production lines
  • Assembly and commissioning of production lines
  • Service and maintenance services

As a manufacture of robotics and automation technology, we permit mostly autonomous operation of machines and plants. Experienced, innovatively thinking and acting employees deal with implementation of any changes to your production process, under consideration of all necessary safety aspects.

Robotics and automation technology reduce energy costs and increase the economic efficiency of industrial processes.

Our Competences
  • Integration into existing production systems
  • Programming of robots and gripper systems
  • Development of gripper systems
  • Cycle time optimisation
  • Assembly and commissioning (incl. acceptance in the factory)
  • Training and production support
  • Service and maintenance services
  • Periodic project reporting

We develop conveyor technology for your requirements and needs.

Our experience brings about conveyor systems and high-performance products in the highest quality.

Our Competences
  • Flat-belt conveyor
  • Curve conveyor
  • Roller conveyor
  • Spiral conveyor
  • Pallet conveyor systems
  • Overhead conveyor systems

We will gladly support you in implementing your customer-specific projects for optimal planning and completion within your framework conditions.

We can help you with anything from compilation of the technical and requirement specifications, to planning and implementation of assembly, to commissioning of your project.

Our Competences
  • Compilation of technical and requirement specifications
  • Compilation of project plans
  • Processing of customer projects in mechanical engineering
  • Coordination of the project comprising of construction,
    E-planning, and commissioning
  • Deadline and quality monitoring