Robotic palletizing

Manual palletizing, especially behind high-speed, high-volume presses, is labor intensive. In search of higher productivity, more and more plants are turning to robotic palletizing. Robots are highly reliable, very flexible, and can be used in different configurations and for different products. In postpress, we need to palletize stacks, logs, or stacks & logs coming from one or two (or even more) lines.

Our palletizing solutions are designed to meet all of these needs – from simple one-line, one-skid palletizing of stacks to palletizing stacks & logs from 2 lines onto 2 pallets.

The productivity of robotic palletizing is further enhanced by automatic pallet handling – empty pallets are fed from a pallet magazine, placed on the palletizing position and the full pallets are conveyed to the pick-up position.

Our robotic solutions at a glance:
Sizes handled: magazine or multi-size (approx. digest to tabloid)
Products handled: stacks (loose or strapped) and logs
Infeed: one or two lines of either stacks or logs (optionally more)
Grippers: single or double magazine size grippers and multi-grippers
Palletizing: one or two palletizing positions
Pallet conveying: fully automatic, for standard and customized pallets
Options: palletizing cell with two robot arms, quick release for easy gripper change (log to stack and vice versa), special slip sheet solutions, customized layout of the robot cell, integration with an ERP system,…

All our robots are equipped with intelligent software. In addition to operation and visualization, the software will also allow the definition of individual palletizing patterns with flexible definition of slip sheet placement. Do you need to execute palletizing orders according to the sequence defined in the ERP system? The optional order management software allows us to connect to your planning software, download palletizing orders and execute them in the specified sequence on our robot.


Pick-up Station for stacks


Double-Gripper for stacks

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Log Gripper




Pallet conveying