Our product family of the palletising robot cell is a fully automatic palletising system for product stacks that must be put down on pallets with high precision based on definable placement pattern. Comprehensive integration into your ERP system is possible in another expansion stage as well. 

The palletising robot is equipped with four freely programmable servo axes  by default. Equipped with a universal flange on the Z-axis for use of many different gripper systems and with integrated take-over device for using many different product centring and take-over stations.  

The default size contains safety fences and protective devices in the serial version. The touch screen control panel ensures simple operation and visualisation of the palletising system.

The modular system allows us to adjust to customer-specific requirements and to design our palletising robot cell accordingly.

Therefore, we can offer our customers very simple solutions with a single handover station, one robot and the firmly installed double gripper system, a pallet station across one palletising robot cell with robots, a fully automatic change gripper system, or even a fully automatic pallet transport system. Cycle times of up to 1800 packages per hour can be palletised here.


Handover station (pickup) for packages


Package double gripper with interim sheet system

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Rod gripper




Pallet transport system