An old flame never dies

Personal sympathy and appreciation often result in a long-lasting partnership from which both parties benefit. This was proved again, for example, in the cooperation between MERTEN and WAMATEC, which we will sucessfully continue in the future with a new project. Thus, we ordered at Mr. Ing. Hermann Hulak’s team two 6-axis CNC turning/milling machines with automatic material feed and final unloading of finished parts.

CNC Turning Concept 2025 for MERTEN

Not least because of the investment bonus, which was promised for economically challenged Austrian companies due to the current Covid-19 situation, Merten has initiated the large investment project for the CNC-turnery. Merten has been working meticulously on the 2025 turning conecpt for months. The starting signal for our new CNC era is given by two new 6-axis CNC turning-milling machines.

MERTEN optimizes delivery and performance

A comprehensive project is currently in progress to optimize further our delivery dates. Together with our customers and suppliers, the external business processes are analysed and systematically improved. We also look at our internal performance processes in detail and develop appropriate optimization activities. For this reason, hall areas are partially relocated or rearranged in an optimized form.